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Automation of Freight Transportation

System is focused on improving the Transportation Carriers performance, enables to reduce costs, increases the productivity of managers and forwarding agents and maximizes Customers and Carriers interactions.

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About CargoCRM

CargoCRM delivers professional and efficient solution to automate your international and domestic freights transportation which includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Requisition and Transport workflows and provides many facilities. Among them:

  • Submit freight transportation requisition including incoming/outgoing and haul
  • Send the requisition details via e-mail, details may include official company stamp and signature
  • Monitor fees for freight transportation
  • Monitor company expenses
  • Monitor customer interactions
  • Forwarders and managers performance evaluation
  • Bulk users supported; set the limited or shared access
  • Program is easy to set-up and adjust
  • Set the remote access to the program
  • Create Notes to track your activities
  • Multi-currencies support
  • Integrated document management system

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