"DFDS-Trans" Ltd.

- transportation of modular, partial and consolidated freights between Europe and Belarus.

In 2009 we decided to migrate our system to CargoCRM which appeared to be an easy-to-use automated solution for our international freight transportation. We used to work with the application provided by "1C Company". There was also need to automate the forwarder accounting which is not usually part of similar programs.

We purchased two modules of CargoCRM system: "International Freights Automation" and "Forwarder Accounting". Good point is that you are not to have any special skills to introduce the system and then migrate data, it is quite simple. Also by request the "Forwarder Accounting" module was adjusted to support different templates of Contracts and Incoming/Outgoing Requisitions we use in our day-to-day activities; several analytical reports were developed and implemented also.

During installation process we found that almost all UI forms are standardized and consistent with current legislation. "DFDS-Trans" Ltd. highly appreciates the quality of maintenance service and new upgrades deliveries provided by CargoCRM company.

DFDS Trans - CEO: A.N. Kozhapenko

"Avertrans" Ltd.

- international freight transportation.

Our company is engaged in freights forwarding (focused on automobile transport). With company growth we understood one day we need a software solution to automate the entire processes. We searched the market in Belarus and Russia Federation to find software products which are specialized in freights forwarding. From a variety of software products, we first drew attention to the possibility of changes and additions to the program as well as the possibility of direct communication with developers. The software was supposed to cover all the nuances of a very multifaceted process of forwarding companies. As a result, the choice fell on the software package CargoCRM.

After several months of usage in real-time we say program fully met our expectations. All requirements were implemented in a very first release. Then we started to integrate product into entire company, held training courses for our employees. 24/7 consulting helped our team to learn the program in a very short time period. New features and program changes are welcome and delivered quite soon after you agreed on them.

So today we can definitely say that we did a right choice to collaborate with CargoCRM.

"Avertrans" Ltd. - CEO: A.M. Shavel