General Questions.

Which technologies and program tools do you use in your development process?

CargoCRM is being developed using VB.NET. The .Net technology is main in developing of our products (on OS Windows).

I use CargoCRM program. Can my business partners get a discount when purchasing same program ?

Yes. We will give you a 10% discount. In case you use the unlimited version of the program the discount will be 20%.

Can I pay by installments?

Yes. You can devide the whole price into several parts and pay within next 3 months.

Can I purchase the program free of charge or use any discount ?

If you purchase the unlimited license of the program then next version will go with 60% discount. Also you may get a discount with limited license - starting at 5%. As longer you collaborate with us the lower is the price for new features and upgrades.

How can I get a demo and for how long?

Demo version is free. You can download it from the site or request via email. Usage period is limited to 2 weeks.

I need an additional report which is not implemented. How can I get it?

Please make sure that program does not generate the necessary report. You may use filters built in forms or lists to get proper information. If, however, there is no necessary information then report will be worked out for an additional fee (negotiated price).

We all satisfied with the program but we use individual standards and forms of work. Is it possible to develop the program which takes into account such needs?

Yes, this can be customized.

Is there any way to load our data into the program (like address, phone) and make it visible for other companies ?

Yes and we do it for free. The information will be periodically loaded once in a week.

About Functionality.

We need additional features. How can we get them?

By your request we will analyze the requirements and then pass them through the all stages of software life cycle and then deliver to you.

How do I print a list of debtors whose incoming requisitions were created by the operator / manager within a certain period?

You should open the list of incoming requisitions and set filter for 2 items: "Creation Date" and "Created By". Then press 'Print' button and select the report "Clients(debtors) - main".

Types of Requisitions. Why several types?

Because requisitions have different meanings: incoming requisition is a requisition from Client to Freighter or Forwarder and outgoing requisition - from Forwarder or Client to Freighter. There is also a haul requisition which could be linked to incoming requisition.

What is the maximum number of users who can use the program at the same time?

The maximum number depends on the hardware on which you will install MS SQL Server. If you are using SQL Server Express it is recommended to use not more than 10 user connections.

The general log of Requisitions - is this one supported?


Can I add my own dictionary of routes?


I see only 4 records in Currency dictionary. Can I add other data?

Yes, just add a new object from currency list.

Is there a way to migrate data from SQL Express version to Enterprise Edition?

Yes. To do this you should close the database connection with your program then stop the SQL Express and copy your database into new location. You can set up in different ways. Please send a request to get additional information.

Who is supposed to use the program?

This program is for transport companies involved in freight transportation both domestic and international.

Which data should I enter to start my work with the program ?

Enter your company attributes including Addresses, Phones and Accounts. You should also set up your currency rates.

Is it required to make out all fields in Requisition forms?

No, this is not necessary. It's recommended to enter data which is important to you and which will be used in final reports.