New release CargoCRM 2.5.5. Overview:

  • Tasks scheduler
  • Contacts list - filter was adjusted
  • Send documents via Email
  • New reports for accounting; final financial results (get best combination of Client <-> Freighter-Revenue)
  • Distribute information about free cargos (based on Exchange list)
  • Copy data into Clipboard
  • Direct access to internal Exchange of your business partners


Announcement: new release is expected on August 11th.


New release CargoCRM 2.5. New version includes some additions and fixes:

  • New dictionaries (Incoterms, Payments)
  • New 'Booking Log' to monitor the marine transport operations
  • Internal Transport and Cargo Exchanges
  • Filters were extended in all logs with ability to save filter settings
  • Contact list was adjusted
  • Now you can easily switch between Clients-Requisitions logs
  • You can send emails to certain list of addressees
  • Revenue calculation in General Log (contains Incoming/ Outgoing Requisitions)
  • Access control at the level of entries for documents
  • New reports for accounting
  • Automatic loading of currency exchange rates of National Banks of Belarus and Russia Federation
  • Search the Contacts by transportation geography
  • Make reference between Contracts and Requisitions


Announcement: new release CargoCRM 2.5 is expected on April 19th. New version includes more than 30 changes: filters, reports, distribution, quick access and search, transportation geography and much more!


New release CargoCRM2.2. The best result at no additional cost! Includes following changes:

  • 'General Log' (contains Incoming + Outgoing Requisitions): added control on payments (real time recalculation - how many days left to get payment); watch cargo loading/unloading
  • Group related Requisitions (one Incoming and few Outgoing in case one Client and few Freighters, few Incoming and one Outgoing in case few Clients and one Freighter)
  • Send print forms of Outgoing Requisition, Invoices, etc. to Email of a Client or Freighter
  • New fields on Load/ Unload forms: pallet, places, Contact Person
  • New report: "Financial Results"
  • Control the problematic Requisitions in common lists
  • Requisitions now have new statuses
  • Set connections to several databases
  • Extract the Requisition to your business partner (Incoming into Outgoing)
  • Print forms: Act and Protocol on the same sheet
  • Corporate logo on printed forms (set as user parameter)
  • Use of corporate Stamp and Signature on documents (to send then via Email or to Fax)
  • Managed closing of forms
  • New dictionaries: "Payment Methods", "Functions\ Services"


License cost has changed !!!


New release CargoCRM2.1 includes:

  • New dictionaries: "Locations", "Distances between Locations", "Highways", "Dangerous Cargo Classifier" and "Document Templates"
  • New reports: "Customer Debtors", "Debts in front of Customers", "By Status", "By User"
  • New object 'Route'
  • 'General Journal' added and includes Incoming Requisitions, Outgoing Requisitions and Hauls
  • Document Management System refined
  • Minor changes fixed


New release CargoCRM 2.0

What is new:

  • New user interface (XP like style)
  • Requisitions were separated into Incoming and Outgoing
  • Search. New mechanism to access data
  • Filtering. New mechanism enables to view only certain information
  • Printing. New feature and opportunities
  • Security which is based on user roles
  • Integrated Document Management System
  • Notes. You can save notes about objects or use them to save tasks for managers


Release CargoCRM 1.0. Program was migrated to .Net technology.


The first version of the program released. Developed using '1C' program.