Product Overview

The CargoCRM product has been growing dynamically since 2005 and taking into account the professional suggestions of our Clients, Forwarders and Transportation Carriers.

The product gives a variety of opportunities to work with incoming/outgoing requisitions including:

  • registration and monitoring of incoming and outgoing requisitions or hauls for freight transportation
  • compile the different combinations of requisitions (one incoming - few outgoing, few incoming - haul, few incoming - few outgoing)
  • send requisition details including corporate stamp and signature via email

With CargoCRM program you can control the payment of freight transportation, the company expenses, run the document management; existing reports provide information for assessing the performance of forwarders and managers; this is a CRM system for enterprises and individuals.

Flexible customization of the system and the ability to operate a large number of employees at the same time assure a convenient everyday use of the program.

Note: Currently program supports only russian language.

We present several scenarios of your work with CargoCRM.

For Forwarder

In respect of counterparties the forwarding company is a connecting link between the Client and the Carrier. Forwarder accepts incoming requisition from the Client. Then determines the parameters such as cargo (loading and unloading), the date of commencement and completion of the haul, all required documents and method of payment. The Requisition can also define additional conditions: requirements for transportation, payment types, currency settlements. The Outgoing requisition can code the incoming requisitions if needed and then is sent from the forwarder to the carrier.

The relationship between incoming and outgoing requisitions can be tracked in the Requisitions Log (Incoming + Outgoing). You can also print invoices, acceptance acts of completed work, agreement protocols and requirements for transportation.

For Carriers

Transportation Carriers are business entities which accept and implement the requisitions for freight transportation. Can interact on the principle of "Customer - Carrier" or "Forwarder - Carrier". The incoming requisition contains defined parameters of cargo (loading and unloading), the date of commencement and completion of the haul, the direction, the necessary documents and methods of payment committed between the carrier and the customer or freight forwarder. Log of Hauls shows the relationship between incoming requisitions and hauls.

For Freight Owners (Clients)

For Clients, whose freight needs to transport, this software provides the outgoing requisition object for work (to the Carrier or Forwarder). Outgoing requisition contains information on loading and unloading of cargo, used transportation as well as full information about the carrier or forwarder.


CargoCRM product is licensed with no time constraints. Buying the product means you are buying a license of usage. The cost of licenses is determined by the number of users who will work with the program. You can pay in installments.

There is a discount system when purchasing a new version or requesting to develop extra features for your enterprise.

Option A*:

Num of Users Price**, euro Updates, Discounts
1 119 20%
2-5 99 20%
6-9 89 30%
Unlimited 890 50%

*Prices and terms are only for residents of the Republic of Belarus. Valid from August 1st, 2010.

**This is a price for one user. For the company the program will cost as sum of totals per user.

Option B:

In case you purchase CargoCRM program by recommendation of your business partners you get an additional discount of 10% !

To get a Demo version you can call us or send a request by filling up our online-form.