Site development is an important stage in the growth of your company which opens new opportunities and prospects.

During the development process we do analyze not only the initial requirements of our Customers but also define the anticipations of end users.

When designing sites we use up-to-date and proven technologies.

In order to reduce your costs for the subsequent maintenance of the site, we use a content management system which allows to manage the structure and content of your site without special skills. Content Management System (CMS) of the website will be configured for clear and easy update of site's data.

We offer our service "sites development".


Site-card is a kind of leaflet consisting of a limited number of pages (usually up to 5). The sites of this type are usually contain general information about the company: the scope of activities, list of services, achievments, awards, addresses, phone numbers and other information. The low cost of development and ownership is a big plus of such sites.

Price: starting at 450 usd

Timeframe: 10 - 14 man days

Company's Site

The site of your Company may contain a lot of information about catalogs of items you work with or services you offer. Designing the site we usually follow the corporate style. Upon completion of the site development, the company is provided with the Content Management System which enables every employee to edit and add new material to the site content.

Price: starting at 950 usd

Timeframe: starting at 20 man days

Shop Online

Ability to purchase items online. This is a fast way to shop and then ship items home or to another address. All items are set in catalogs which you can browse using built-in navigation system. As a shop Customer you can go through the store sections and add favourite items to the cart and then place the Order with specified method of payment and delivery terms.

Price: starting at 1500 us

Timeframe: starting at 20 man days